Clinic Of Well-Being - Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy/Reiki/spiritual services & teaching
          Please note that I am booking around 9 months for 1 hour Tarot readings and around 18 months  in advance for 90 min Tarot and mediumship readings at present. I have a cancellation list but you must make a booking before you can go on cancel list. 

                   Prices for readings and therapies for 2019/20         
Channeled Tarot reading ( 1 hour plus)                £40                                                                                                     
I also channel my spirit guides to assist me to give a more variable and in depth reading. With this reading I use my psychic ability along with clairvoyance. I also include colour personality in with this very comprehensive Tarot reading.              (booking 9 months in advance)
Channeled Tarot/mediumship (90 min plus)      £55

                               2 readings in one 
This reading consists of a full channeled Tarot reading, as above,with the assistance of my spirit guides plus a full mediumship session to talk to loved ones that have passed away. I may also be drawn to runes, angel cards etc. This is effectively 2 readings in one. This reading is very popular and provides people with a full spectrum of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychic messages enhanced by my spirit guides.                        (booking 18 months in advance)
                 SPIRITUAL THERAPIES
Spiritual healing therapy (1hr)                                       £40
Reiki healing therapy (1hr)                                             £40
Crystal healing therapy (1hr)                                         £40
Chakra balancing and aura cleansing (1hr)              £40

Please note that during a course of therapy all appointments after the initial one are charged at £35 each.  This does not apply if  there is a gap of  more than 3 months  between appointments or the therapy is for a new complaint or issue.
                             A lady recieving crystal healing in the treatment room
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